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Mini Techno Essential

“Open Up” Sample Pack

This sample pack is inspired directly by this release and I use the sound of both tracks plus a few added extras.

This release did very well in the charts with Open Up reaching 4th position on the top 100 driving techno and staying in the charts for over 3 months.

From your imagination to reality

Mha Iri NFT techno collection

I will be sharing my music and art to the world so
I have decided to make a unique NFT collection based with some unreleased tracks that will be for sale very soon.

These tracks will be made up of a catalogue of different styles of tracks.
Ranging from alternative deep versions of my successful tracks or upcoming releases to unreleased tracks.

The collection will include deep techno, techno, and sometimes hard techno versions of the same track with different psychedelic artworks based on my portrait. 

Easy process

NFT Roadmap

01 How the NFTs are minted?

Every time I release a new EP there will be a new corresponding NFT in the market. But there will also be some NFTs based on previous releases too. They will be on sale very soon.

02 How long Will the mint process be?

They will be as long as I produce music. That's why this collection depends on my releases or previous tracks. I love making unique versions of official released tracks so the process will keep going.

03 Very Exclusive collection

The number of copies per NFT is variable. I would prefer to keep a few copies to guarantee the exclusivity of collection.​

04 What about artworks?

The artwork will be creative edits of my portraits with psychedelic prism colors effect but the effects may change in the future with new NFT minting.


About me

Mha Iri is a UK-based producer. Her production style is melodic yet driving with tough basslines and kick drums paired with dark synths and her own ethereal vocals to give a unique sound that is as captivating as it is dance-worthy. Her strong musical style and powerful connection with her audience have allowed her to quickly carve out a name for herself in the underground music scene.

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