Mini Techno Essentials – “Open Up”

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78 files – 71,2 MB

  • Drum Loops: 14
  • Drum One Shot: 17
  • Kick: 6
  • Kick Rumble: 10
  • Rise Bass Loop: 3
  • Rumble: 8
  • Synth One Shot: 20


  • This sample pack is inspired directly by this release and I use the sound of both tracks plus a few added extras. 
  • This release did very well in the charts with Open Up reaching 4th position on the top 100 driving techno and staying in the charts for over 3 months.
  • It’s a mini essentials sample pack made up of high-quality kick/bass, one-shots, and percussion to arm you with those key sounds to create a great Techno track.
  • Open Up was written with the dark, evolving bassline as the main theme of the track. I used contrasting emotional melodies in the break to create a dramatic change from emotive to dark and driving in the drop. Resistance was inspired by current events. For me it means questioning narratives and opinions that are being pushed by the media and government as the only right way to think or live. It is about resisting government overreach and not simply going along with something because we are told that we should or because it’s popular with the majority. I started with the vocals and built the track around that.


Listen to the references tracks:

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